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Why Move to Ocean City

You probably have heard of Ocean City (OC or OCMD) in Maryland as a holiday destination. But do you know that this beach town also offers a very comfortable residential environment? Surprisingly, even if it appears to be a most ideal place for fun-seeking vacationers due to its wide variety of entertainment options, exhilarating nightlife and of course free beaches, living here can be both convenient and affordable. So read on and find out why moving to OC can be one of the best decisions of your life.


Homes are affordable in Ocean City


It is truly interesting to know that amidst great action in the OC area, owning your own private abode here can be pocket-friendly. The median value of owned houses in this beach town is only $370,300 according to the latest US Census. Plus home ownership rate is also a whopping 78.4%. Considering its well-known status in terms of tourism, the figures speak positively about this place’s overall living conditions.



You don’t have to be rich in OCMD


You don’t have to be a business tycoon or a celebrity to become an Ocean City resident. Overall the cost of living is inexpensive. It’s even tagged as one of the country’s cheapest fun destinations. Practically all of the people living here are enjoying comfortable living conditions. And based on a recent US census, the town’s median household income, between 2007 and 2011, is $50,616. OC’s per capita money income is $43,969 in the past year.


A pleasing blend of calm North OC lifestyle and action-packed downtown


Ocean City Maryland delivers a delightful mixture of fast and slow-paced living. The North Ocean City side provides you with a slower and quieter living atmosphere; that’s why most of the residential structures such as condos and townhouses are situated in this particular OC section. And when you’re ready to step out for some nightlife and great dining, then going down south is just minutes away.


Plenty of Things to Do

It's not only the beach that you can enjoy in Ocean City, there are plenty of nearby cities and local events to visit in Maryland. One of the biggest local events in Ocean City itself is of course the annual Wine Fest, with several vineyard exhibitors (yes, we have our own vineyards in Mayland!) as well as a few breweries. You can enjoy the wine fest in the park and on the beach, it's a big event we always look forward to, and not just because of the wine.



An ideal place for raising your family


Not only Ocean City town offers panoramic ocean-view residential areas, it can also be a perfect environment for raising kids. You will have access to the city’s large parks including Northside Park, the largest one in OC. Plus it is easier to encourage your children engage in healthy, active leisure as Ocean City has its own playgrounds and sports fields where you and your family can enjoy picnics and games. Truly, it’s a family-friendly city!



It’s simply is an ideal place to live in


The promise of a low-cost yet amazing kind of life continues to attract many people to reside in Ocean City for good. Not only you can enjoy loads of exciting free activities, you will also enjoy peace of mind while having fun because the town is safe and virtually crime-free. Plus, it’s easy for you to get jobs, especially for teenagers or university students; as the government may need your help during peak months. Well, it’s actually a city like any other… but the difference is life couldn’t be any better anywhere than in this beautiful ocean town.