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Where to Go in Ocean City

Exploring Ocean City Maryland for the first time can be a walk in the park if you know its major districts. By getting familiar with each of Ocean City’s main regions and what’s actually going on in each of these areas, you will exactly know where OC’s most popular sights and tourist destinations are located, and be able to head straight to your ideal getaway spot. So read on and find out where the famed boardwalk is situated, where you can fish for white marlins, or have the most exciting night of your life.

West OC

Want to go fishing and boating? Then head to West OC. It is situated just across the US 50 bridge. West Ocean City is home to the town’s fishing fleet, where you can either do your own angling or have some best marlin or bluefish deals at one of the Ocean City Factory outlets.

OCMD Boardwalk and Inlet

If you’re looking to have a 3-mile wide selection of historical and modern amusement options, night and day parties, hotels and accommodations, food stops, and pocket-friendly shops, then head straight to the OCMD boardwalk. It sprawls from the Inlet (South 2nd St.) to 27th St. in Ocean City. Cited among one of the country’s finest wooden boardwalks, this popular OC destination offers a one-stop fun-filled experience for people of all ages and in all walks of life.

Mid OC

Do you want to experience an exciting mix of OC’s exhilarating nightlife and quiet bayside? Then go midtown OC. It spreads from 28th St. up to 98th street. It is where the serene, romantic north greets the more animated south. Indeed, Ocean City is where you can have a taste of both worlds.

North OC

This section lies between 91st street and 146th street. It pleases vacationers who are looking to have a more peaceful and spirit-calming escapade. It’s perfect for picnics, and other forms of healthy leisure. North Ocean City is also home to condominiums, movie houses, sports ground, and the famous Northside Park. Although this area is a lot quieter and more slow-paced than the rest of OC, all of the town’s fun attractions are still within your reach.

West OC

Also called the Bayside, West OC is where you can have a perfect fishing or boating spot. Besides, you can also enjoy good food with the beautiful OC sunset as your backdrop. It is likewise ideal for various water activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and cruising.


Your OCMD adventure won’t be complete without taking a dip in the Ocean City sea. The Oceanside is about two blocks away from one of the nation’s most attractive and safest coastline. Plus you won’t have to pay any fee. So if you’re one big beach buff, go get a low-priced Oceanside rental place, and have one of the most amazing beach experiences that you could ever imagine.